What do likes on your business page really mean and what do they mean to you?  When you really start thinking about this, you are likely to find they are two VERY different things.  Let’s start with what they mean to you..

Likes are validation, what we “in the industry” call social proof, proof that you are great and that you are doing a good job.  A virtual pat on the back, so we, as business owners, always crave more likes BUT, what do they really mean for you and for your business?  The harsh fact is, likes are just a number, some businesses have 50 likes, some have 15,000 likes some have 150,000 but the shocking truth is, they are all relative.

Ask yourself these questions

  1. Who are the people who like your page?  Do you even know?
  2. Why do they like your page
  3. Are they going to BUY your product or service?

All three questions are interwoven.  You may find that you have a lot of family and friends who like your page.  They like your page because they want to support you and see you do well, but the fact is they are unlikely to buy your service in most cases.

You might have got involved in follow for a follow posts with other businesses, again why do they like your page, you know the answer to that.  Are they going to buy your product or service, it’s unlikely although you may get the chance to work together on occasion.

The Facebook algorithm will always give priority and deliver content to people who are close to you, so when you post, you’ve got it, Great Aunt Maud, is likely to see that post, give it a like and maybe write a little comment on it.

The Facebook algorithm will also look at people who like the kind of thing that you have posted,   So, if you have lots of business owners liking your page ad they are in the same business niche as you, whoopie, they are likely to also see your post and maybe they will comment on it.

BUT, what about those people who are ACTIVELY looking for your product or service, a real customer?  When do they get to see your post, your service or your awesome ideas?

Just recently, in the latest craze of how to “game the algorithm” posts similar to this have been doing the rounds.


It sounds great in principle and really plays into the validation of your business BUT are these people interested in your product or service?  It might only take people ten seconds to ask ALL their friends and family to like your business page, but once more you risk people who ARE interested in your services not actually seeing it, because it’s being delivered to people who quite simply, are not.


Building a page that has a highly engaged audience of people who love what you do, past and present is fabulous for any business.  You only NEED the likes of people who will buy your product or service.  Having 10,000 likes holds no benefit when you can’t possibly meet the needs and demands of them all unless of course, you are a large scale business.  Having 100 likes, 1000 likes on your page of people who WILL buy from you and encourage others, that will provide you with regular ongoing business provided you ensure you have an effective sales funnel method

Facebook is currently thinking of removing the like count from posts, I  think this is a good idea because TOO much of what we do centres around a vanity metric.  How many likes to we have on our page and on a post but this is not a true measure of our business or our engagement.   It doesn’t matter how many likes we have, its how many people we ENGAGE with our business that go on to use our products and services.

I certainly wouldn’t tell you not to do this, but in my experience, it is unlikely to bring you what you are really looking for… BUSINESS.

If you want to find out a little more about how you can make your business page work for YOU, pop me a message.  For September I have a page audit offer, just £49 instead of £75 which will help you understand what’s not working so well and do more of what IS working well.


Vic x