With the industry becoming more and more competitive, it’s important to ensure that you are always on top form.

Self-development when being self-employed and running your own wedding business is key. I’m talking business development, personal development, social development, physical and emotional… the lot!

Whether you work on your health and your weight at the gym, regularly reading a self-motivation book before bedtime to switch off or perhaps developing your knowledge like working with an expert 1-2-1 in an area you don’t feel so confident with. All of these are techniques that will help build your empire, feel good about yourself and keep you sane in the fast-paced wedding industry.

No matter the level you feel you are at with your business, how big or small you see yourself or how long you’ve been running for, there is always room for improvement.

Do you feel there is anything you could personally work on? Something you’ve found yourself worrying about the last few weeks? Is your social media slacking? Are you finding yourself grouchy and tired? Do you need to strategise your marketing and content a little better?

Below are a few of my favourite tips on self-development:

1) Review your workload, goals and ambitions regularly.
To stop you from feeling so overwhelmed or anxious, sit down now and again and review what you’ve achieved so far and reflect on just how bloody brilliant you are! Give yourself a break.

Have a think of the future, analyse what you should be aiming for and what you need to learn in the long run to achieve your dreams. Write your goals down and have them pinned up where you can view them daily and keep them fresh in your mind.

2) Make time for yourself
Whether that is a simple stop in the coffee shop after the school run, a trip to the gym or a perhaps little retail therapy. Working for yourself is HARD WORK and we all must admit that we never switch off. Treat yourself now and again to ensure you get a well-deserved break and feel a sense of normality.

3) Socialise!
This could be in general with friends and family OR at networking events. Don’t get sucked into the world of work and not get out and about. A friendly chat, a few giggles and a drink when letting your hair down will make a world of difference.

4) Leave your comfort zone
Create a mini list of things you instantly feel anxious or worried about. Perhaps going Live on Facebook or attending a networking event, perhaps the thought of exhibiting at a wedding show makes your legs go jelly…. Push yourself to do one at a time, face your fears! You will feel empowered and on top of the world!

5) Invest in a course or coaching help with an expert.
From personal experience, putting money back into the business by purchasing a course or working with an expert to develop your skill sets and confidence will do you the world of good.

Not only are you expanding your skills for yourself, but it will benefit your business and help it grow. Sometimes people worry about spending money but if it results in your business flourishing, gaining more bookings and helping spread the word then it’s a no brainer!

6) Use the power of accountability, find your perfect match!
Pairing up with a partner will help keep you sane, grow a beloved friendship and keep you on track in business. Having a friendly face to speak to when times are tough or sharing a huge win or big booking can make all the difference to your day. Work together on your targets and figure out a way of helping one another to ensure you stay on track.

7) Filter out the rubbish and take a break
We all do it. We have those select few people either personally or in business who seem to have the perfect life, perfect house and kids, regular holidays, stylish wardrobe… Perhaps you follow a fellow wedding business owner and they always seem to be at weddings and getting these big glamourous, over the top bookings… How does it make you feel? Pretty cruddy right?


Taking a break by unfollowing, unfriending or deleting these people doesn’t mean you are being catty, sly or jealous, you just do it for your health and sanity. If you really need too, then skip social media altogether for a few days if needed and clear your head. Schedule a few posts in to keep the biz pages ticking over and set notifications for messages, but other than that, take a breather and snap back to reality.

Another top tip for when you are feeling overwhelmed and swamped with work, de-clutter and re-organise. Spend some time clearing out un-needed items and plan some time to get your schedules up together.


Change takes time, but trust me when I say, working on just one of the above will help a huge amount for both yourself and for your wedding business. Focus on what makes you happy, what makes your business tick and anything that fuels your passion.

If you take any of the tips on board be sure to share them with us in the group and results you achieved! >>> www.facebook.com/groups/weddingbuisnesscircle

Lots of love, Meghan x